What is Metallurgical Coal?

Metallurgical coal (coal used in steel production) is easily differentiated from thermal coal (typically used in power generation) when considering their expected end uses, total environmental impact and alternatives to use. 

The world requires metallurgical coal (also known as met coal, coking coal, and clean coal) to assist in the production of steel for the global demands of infrastructure, urbanisation and industry generally.

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Why Metallurgical Coal?

Nearly all new steel globally is produced using iron ore and metallurgical coking coal; the latter having special qualities that are needed in the blast furnace to reach the higher temperatures required in steelmaking

While recycled steel is becoming more common globally, there is currently no technology to make steel at scale without using metallurgical coal. The worldwide market demand for steelmaking coal remains robust and we approach the exploration of our project area recognizing the steel demand in developing markets such as India, Asia and Africa.


Cabin Ridge Project has built a strong, experienced local management team. The company has committed significant investment to exploring the resource potential of its leases, to engaging with Indigenous communities and stakeholders, and adopting industry best practices under the stewardship of its experienced board of directors and management team


We will responsibly and professionally determine whether this resource will be the world class operation that we believe it may become and, in turn, being capable of bringing the many economic benefits to the Alberta community.