Cabin Ridge Presentation to Coal Policy Consultation Committee

Cabin Ridge supports the Government of Alberta’s coal policy engagement process so that important questions can be asked and answered. On June 16, 2021, Cabin Ridge met with the Coal Policy Committee as part of its comprehensive public engagement to inform the development of a modern coal policy.

Globally, steelmaking coal is a scarce resource needed for everyday life and transitioning to a green economy. Alberta has a world-class steelmaking coal resource that we believe can be developed responsibly, balancing economic prosperity for the province with protecting the environment. At Cabin Ridge, we believe a modern coal policy presents an opportunity to increase protected lands in Alberta while allowing responsible development that protects water and biodiversity, advances reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, and benefit local communities and all Albertans.

See how we believe this can be done by reviewing our presentation and submission to the committee here. Our submission and presentation will also be made public on the committee’s website shortly.

We encourage all Albertans to make their views known to the committee. You can visit the committee’s engagement website here.

Read the full Cabin Ridge position paper
Alberta Coal Categories Map
Southwest Alberta Coal Categories Map

Review our presentation and submission to the committee